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Civil Process Server


The courts of law are busy five days a week going through thousands of cases that get brought before them. Thousands of people make their way through the courts of a daily basis to stand trial, bear witness or do whatever is required of them to do before a court of law. Sometimes the biggest problem is getting the people that you need to court in the first place. That is where the civil process server comes in. These people have the task of delivering the legal notice to the person that it is meant for. They have an important job and also one of the most thankless and sometimes difficult ones.


The civil process server or just the process server is the person who is responsible for the service of process. That is the procedure that the courts use to give a legal notice to a person such as the defendant, complainant or any other person that is involved in the proceedings. The notice informs the person of the court’s, or in the case of an institution the administrative body’s, right to exercise its jurisdiction over that person. This is done so that the person can attend the proceedings before the court or body, whatever the case may be. In most cases this notice is furnished to the person by delivering a set of court document to the person that has to be served. Process servers are used in those lawsuits where there needs to be proof that the person or persons have been served.


The task of the civil process server is also called personal service since it is a person that goes to the person that needs to be served who then also serves as a witness to the person receiving the legal notice. The law states that the process server must be an adult and preferably, though this may differ in some jurisdictions, not a party to the litigations. A court official such as a bailiff, sheriff, marshal, etc; can also perform the task. In other legal systems or in other cases, the legal notice may also be served by telephone, mail, fax or even e-mail.


This process of personal service that is performed by process servers and civil process servers is not without its problems. Finding the person to be served is sometimes a daunting task but not as daunting as getting to them. Laws restrict what a process server may do and that makes their job particularly difficult. This is why they have somewhat bad reputation of being underhanded and sly people who are willing to do anything to get the job done. In truth, however, they are just people who are trying to do their job.


The service of process is an important part of the legal system. Civil process servers play an important role in this system. While television and movies have given them a bad reputation, the large majority uses only scrupulous and fair methods to get the job done.

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