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Skip tracing


People are constantly on the move and many unsavory individuals constantly move from place to place to avoid bad debt or civil cases that may have been laid against them. Whether it’s an estranged spouse that has moved away or a party that owes you money, finding them quickly is usually preferable to fruitless searching.


We can help with our skip tracing services to find the party and serve the relevant documents to them. In most cases we are successful and the more pertinent information you can provide on the person you wish us to serve the documents to, the easier it will be for our skip tracing services. Skip tracing can be a tricky process and also a necessary one especially if your case is urgent and we will go out of our way to satisfactorily find the relevant party for you.


Skip Tracing is a method used by many institutions like debt collectors, financial institutions where money is owed to and by people wishing to file for divorce and cannot find their partners.  It can be a complicated and very time consuming process as well and most skip tracing comes at quite a price. You can use our skip tracing services to find who you are looking for and you will see that we employ a group of highly trained individuals who know the methods people use to relocate when they want to do so discreetly.


 For efficient skip tracing you need have connections with many different institutions which can make skip tracing easier. Somewhere there will be a record perhaps with the IRS or social security department or the person may have picked up a traffic fine.


We have been doing skip tracing for clients for many years as just one of the numerous services we can provide you and because we know the methods that are the most efficient is skip tracing we more often than not produce the results you expect. This then allows the process server to serve the documents and obtain the relevant proof that the individual has received them whether for divorce or to appear in court or for a legal claim whatever the problem is that needs to be resolved.


AAA Attorneys will be able to help you with skip tracing and process serving as just a few of the dozens of services available to business and individuals and you will see that all our services are very competitively priced as well. You can download our rates form and skip tracing form to begin using ours services off our website and if you need additional information on skip tracing read our questions and answers pages as well.


We look forward to showing you that we are on your side and you can expect full customer service excellence coupled with confidentiality and professionalism. This will allow you to use our services with confidence and get the results you envisage fast and effectively.



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