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Excellent service! I was concerned about which legal processing service is the best to use. You have to trust that they will put in the required effort to serve the defendant and if they don’t you still have to pay them.

AAA Attorney Service promptly served the defendant and filed my case in small claims court. They are very efficient, helpful, and patient and met all my needs. It is stressful to file a lawsuit and they helped alleviate the situation.

A big thank you for excellent customer service!

Rita K.

They are very efficient, honest, and thorough which is exactly what is needed.

Sara H.

Reliable service

Nara V.

I’ve worked with AAA Attorney Services for over 10 years and found their service to be exceptional. I highly recommend them.a

Brian Pugh, JD

Basic Rights Paralegal Services

If you think “A” is good, try AAA Attorney Services.”

Stephen Damerval

Former Collections Manager Orange County Credit Union

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