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Do You Need Assistance with E-Recording in California?

When you choose to e-record documents through AAA Attorney Services, we can provide the secure filing you need in the counties within the state that offer this option. Getting your documents recorded can be as simple as filling out a form. Keep reading for more information.

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Let Us Know How Quickly You Need Your Documents Recorded

The cost of e-recording in California depends largely on how many documents you have to record and your timeframe. If you have 20 documents to record and need them submitted the same day, you will likely be charged more than if you have a single document that you do not need recorded for three working days.

If you want to know about fees, give us a call. We are happy to give you a price sheet or an estimate based on the document you are currently trying to record.

E-Recording is Not Available in Every County

One of the most important things to remember is that there are counties throughout the state that do not allow e-recording. The number that do offer this option has increased as more business is being done online, but there are still some holdouts.

We do not publish a list of counties that do and do not offer e-recording because it is changing so quickly.

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