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Comprehensive Help with E-Filing in throughout the state

At AAA Attorney Services, we can offer e-filing throughout the state Courts, but that is just the beginning of the e-filing services we can offer. Keep reading to learn more about the other services we can help with, and then contact us if you are ready to get started.

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Our Full E-Filing Services

Yes, we can offer e-filing into throughout the state courts, but we can also provide:

  • E-filing services
  • E-Filing capabilities throughout the state of California
  • Support for civil and small claims litigants
  • PDF conversion and OCR capabilities
  • Advancement of Fees
  • Experienced court staff that will review and submit documents for Clerk review

Throughout the state eFiling Portal also allows legal documents to be filed via the state-wide electronic filing standards, known as the 2GEFS. The eFiling portal even integrates with the CCMS system of the court.

Understanding E-Filing

E-filing is short for “electronic filing,” in which the filer (generally an attorney or pro se) will complete all necessary documents electronically and then submit the filing and support documents using a web-enabled application. The application integrates directly with the CCMS (court filing management system) and is the simplest way to file the documents.

The Many Benefits of E-Filing

There are many benefits you can enjoy by e-filing in throughout the state. First, you can create, review, file, and track the whole process virtually from anywhere you have a secure internet connection. Other advantages include:

  • It is a more efficient process than the alternatives
  • It can save you money
  • You have expanded filing times
  • You can reduce rejections through validation of filing

These are only a few advantages. We know that once you start using this option, you will appreciate the benefits.

California Cases That Are Eligible for E-Filing

As of 2012, California courts require that all papers for certain types of legal actions must be e-filed. Specifically, all papers filed in actions in which there is a cause of action for breach of contract must be filed electronically.

Though it is required that the above documents are filed electronically, others can be e-filed if you prefer. They include:

  • Unlimited civil cases
  • Limited civil cases
  • Complex civil cases
  • Family Law Cases

The ability to e-file requires that the case is pending in one of the Superior Courts of California in throughout the state.

Is an Annual E-Filing Subscription Right for Your Company?

AAA Attorney Services offers an annual e-filing subscription that might work for your company. Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to file case documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • eFiled documents processed within two hours or less (in most cases)
  • Same-day filings without the need for courier services or going to the Court House
  • Automatic PDF conversion
  • Dedicated attorney support staff

Is an e-filing subscription right for you? Contact AAA Attorney Services to get started or to learn more about this option.

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