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Are You Dealing with a Landlord-Tenant Dispute? Find Out How an Orange CA Process Server Could Help

Are You Dealing with a Landlord-Tenant Dispute? Find Out How an Orange CA Process Server Could Help

As a landlord, you may be confronted with a range of issues with your renters. These sorts of issues usually culminate in the tenant being evicted, whether the renter has not paid their rent, participated in criminal behavior, or violated other terms and conditions of their lease. While evicting a renter is never a pleasant experience, hiring the assistance of a process server in Orange CA can make the process go more smoothly for you.

How process servers can assist in landlord-tenant disputes

A process server can be used in a number of different ways. When you plan to evict a tenant, you must provide them a written notice that acts as a warning to the renter and may also be utilized in court proceedings if things get out of hand.

Failure to pay, breach of contract, or unconditional eviction for other reasons (maybe you no longer want to keep the property or want to lease it to a family member, etc.) are the three most common forms of evictions, and each one needs a different period of notice (ranging from three to 90 days on average). Consult your local courts for the most up-to-date regulations in your area.

Most jurisdictions require landlords to provide tenants with written notice prior to eviction proceedings, and failing to do so might jeopardize your case against the tenant or lead to them filing a lawsuit for wrongful eviction against you. Both consequences can be costly, so it’s best to prevent them altogether by ensuring that the renter receives the notice.

Ensure your tenant gets the notice

Having a process server deliver this notice by hand shows that you are serious, but more importantly, it ensures that the tenant receives it. While the US Mail service is dependable, the renter may allege that it was taken from their mailbox, was never delivered to them, or was received by someone else. It’s critical to ensure that the tenant receives the notice since sometimes simply a warning is enough to convince renters to behave.

In some situations, you may have to go through with the eviction. Using a process server to distribute this critical document eliminates the possibility of renters claiming they did not get it, regardless of how the relationship develops.

What are the benefits of using a process server?

Although the employment of a process server is governed by local and state rules, using one when you are able can undoubtedly make the eviction process go more easily for you. Landlords can profit from process servers in a number of ways that aren’t always obvious.

Professional and unbiased process servers are available. It is their responsibility to ensure that due process is followed and that vital court documents are handled and delivered in a legal manner. Process servers act as a neutral third party who acts in the best interests of all parties concerned. The acts of a process server bring the tenant and landlord together. Failure to use a process server or a neutral third party may result in false or misleading claims, preventing the tenant from receiving adequate due process or the landlord from pursuing legal action. Contact AAA Attorney Services at (714) 633-4167 for help with these and other legal services in Orange CA.

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