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Do You Have Questions About When to Hire a Process Server in Anaheim CA for Divorce Papers?

Do You Have Questions About When to Hire a Process Server in Anaheim CA for Divorce Papers?

The choice to divorce is fraught with a slew of complex emotions, so serving divorce papers should be the last thing on your mind. Hiring a professional process server in Anaheim CA to handle the service for you can make the process easier and take the stress off of starting the dissolution of marriage. Keep reading to learn more details and then contact AAA Attorney Services at (714) 633-4167 to get started.

Various papers must be served in a divorce

In a divorce lawsuit, you will normally serve the following papers to your spouse:

  • a copy of the complaint that was filed
  • a duplicate of the summons
  • a copy of the preliminary injunction (joint)

A copy of the divorce papers, including the summons, complaint, and any other applicable documents, must be served on your spouse once you have officially filed for divorce with the court and obtained all of the appropriate documentation.

The originals of these documents should be kept since they will be returned to the court after they have been served. You are solely responsible for having these papers served, and they must be served within 120 days after filing the complaint.

Who has the authority to serve divorce papers?

In most circumstances, a professional process server in Anaheim CA has the best opportunity of providing correct and timely service because they deal with evasive and difficult people on a daily basis. They’re also knowledgeable with all of the regulations around service of process, so they’re more likely to get it done right the first time. Even if the divorce is peaceful and civil, it is prudent to retain the services of a professional to ensure adequate service.

Remember to hire a process server from the county where your spouse resides, rather than from your own. A process server will fill up an affidavit of service to verify that the service was conducted successfully. The date, time, and method in which the document was served are detailed in this formal and notarized testimony. Your spouse will be deemed successfully served when you file the affidavit with the court.

Because you cannot be there when the documents are served, it is also vital to coordinate with the server when they are attempting to serve.

How do I hire a process server in Anaheim CA to serve my divorce papers?

At AAA Attorney Services we make it as simple as possible. Contact us at (714) 633-4167 to learn more and we can help you get this step taken care of.

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