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Follow These Steps to Hire a Process Server in Los Angeles

Follow These Steps to Hire a Process Server in Los Angeles

Many individuals don’t know how to hire a process server in Los Angeles or what questions to ask, and having your legal documents served is a vital aspect of the litigation process. We’ve developed a checklist of items to look for and avoid when hiring a process server to prevent costly delays and perhaps having your case rejected.

It’s critical to choose a reputable specialist, double-check their credentials, and keep an eye on their rates. We’ve also included some additional useful recommendations, so perhaps this makes the process of hiring a process server a bit simpler. Contact AAA Attorney Services at (213) 746-8010 now to learn more.

Locate a reliable process server

Process servers on trusted networks are pre-screened, and you have someone to contact outside of the server if there is a problem. You can read our process server testimonials to see how our past clients have appreciated our services.

Verify the information you are given

Check for licenses or registrations, as well as members of associations. It’s crucial to verify because not all states and counties require process servers to be licensed. Inquire about an E&O policy or a bond. Some process servers are bonded and have Errors and Omissions Insurance, which is not needed in many jurisdictions.

Visit their website to learn more

The validity of a corporation may be established by their website, which can also provide insight into the values of the employees who will serve your documents. Inquire about their previous experiences. Find out how long they’ve been in business, if they specialize in anything, and how successful they are. However, keep in mind that a 100 percent success rate isn’t practical.

Request recommendations

A reputable process server should be able to provide you with letters of recommendation and testimonials that will provide you with valuable information about their customer service.

Provide detailed service instructions

Be explicit about who, what, and where you’ll be serving, as well as how you’d want to be notified. This can aid in the smoothness of the serve. Confirm the details and get them written down. Finalize the service charge, additional fees, number of tries, court filing, deadlines, and revisions, and send an email to confirm.

Find out how they’ll keep you updated

Many process serving software solutions provide access and make it simple to get information and affidavits. It’s critical that you have copies of the papers for your own records, so make sure you preserve copies.

These pointers should have given you a better idea of what to look for in a process server and how to go about hiring the ideal candidate. Remember that costs vary by location, and buying in bulk may save you a lot of money. Contact AAA Attorney Services at (213) 746-8010 to learn how we can get started.

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