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Four Ways a Process Server in Los Angeles CA Can Help You if You Need to Serve a Subpoena

Four Ways a Process Server in Los Angeles CA Can Help You if You Need to Serve a Subpoena

If you need to serve a subpoena then you need to hire a process server – it is that simple. There are many advantages to doing so. Keep reading to learn about them and then contact AAA Attorney Services at (714) 633-4167 if you would like to learn more about your options.

They have the ability to locate people who are difficult to locate

Individuals who are involved in the legal process are sometimes elusive and difficult to identify. Skip tracing, a technique that uses public documents, databases, research, and other investigative approaches to discover and serve hard-to-find persons, is one way process servers have used to locate and serve hard-to-find individuals.

They know how to deal with difficult people

Because process servers are trained to defuse tense and hostile situations, hiring a professional guarantees that even the most difficult clients are effectively served.

They will follow the rules

A professional can guarantee that a subpoena is served lawfully due to tight restrictions that differ from state to state about how, when, and where an individual can be served. Process servers are well aware that following local and state rules can assist them avoid issues, delays, and even dismissals later in the legal process.

They’ll provide you legal confirmation that you’ve served

The process server will also submit evidence of service, known as an Affidavit of Service, after serving the subpoena to the subject, giving legally acceptable verification that the person was served. Because of the nature of investigative cases, which are frequently time-sensitive, using a process server is the quickest, easiest, and sometimes safest option to get your subpoena served.

What should I do if I’m served with a subpoena?

Because a subpoena is a legal request for evidence, you must deliver the evidence or documents within the deadline specified in the subpoena. Do not tamper with or destroy the evidence. If you are afraid of implicating yourself and do not want to present proof, you should seek legal advice.

What are the justifications for refusing or delaying the production of evidence in response to a subpoena?

If you serve someone and request information, there are a few legal reasons they can refuse to provide that information. Examples include:

  • The documents requested are irrelevant
  • There isn’t enough time to gather the requested evidence
  • Information requested has been made public, privileged, or confidential
  • The evidence request is ambiguous
  • Producing the requested evidence would create a unique hardship or undue expense
  • The subpoena was served incorrectly

As you can see, serving a subpoena incorrectly can lead to a legal cause to refuse to provide the requested information. To prevent this situation from happening, contact AAA Attorney Services at (213) 746-8010 and let us help you do things the right way.

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