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If You Need Help with Subpoena Services You Have Found the Right Orange CA Company

If You Need Help with Subpoena Services You Have Found the Right Orange CA Company

You may rely on AAA Attorney Services to create whatever form of subpoena you require. We handle everything from the mandatory Notice to Consumers to the Notice of Taking Depositions. To discover more about our subpoena services, keep reading. If you have questions or are ready to get started, call us at (714) 633-4167. We are waiting to help you in whatever way we can.

We can handle most subpoenas

We are likely to be able to assist you with any form of subpoena. The following are some of the most common types we work with:

  • Subpoena for the production of company records (deposition subpoena)
  • Subpoenas issued by the WCAB
  • Services for HIPAA Authorization
  • Subpoenas issued by federal courts (United States District Court)
  • Subpoenas in court (civil subpoena duces tecum subpoenas)
  • Subpoenas for depositions and personal appearances, among other things

Are there other documents you need served? You can always contact us to learn more.

Our dedicated subpoena services system may be relied upon

With decades of experience among our personnel, we have developed and honed a subpoena services system that can help you have your demands met quickly. For clients of all sorts, we deliver efficient, accurate, and simplified services.

When you pick AAA Attorney Services, you are partnering with a seasoned legal services firm dedicated to delivering the best possible result – every time.

We offer discounts to military veterans and first responders

We appreciate and honor our military veterans and first responders. If you fall into either category, let us know and enjoy a 10% discount on all of our services. We do this to show our respect and appreciation of those who work so hard for us and the community.

We can help with other services

What other legal services can we help you with? Some of the options include:

  • Process Serving: When a party is facing legal action in a California court (or another state), they have the right to be notified about the legal action. We deliver the needed documents to the required parties using our process serving services. We can handle everything from summonses to subpoenas, writs to complaints.
  • E-Recording: We concentrate on having your papers e-recorded as promptly as possible and with as few rejections as possible. We may check your papers to verify they have all of the parts necessary for recording and offer immediate feedback so that any problems can be resolved as soon as feasible.
  • E-Filing: Make use of e-filing services in a number of California counties. Our trained team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure or how we can complete the task. Every county is unique, as are the processes, but you may work with a single business to manage everything.

Call AAA Attorney Services at (714) 633-4167 and trust us with all your legal services needs.

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