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Ring Doorbell Can Make Process Serving Harder But We Have You Covered

Ring Doorbell Can Make Process Serving Harder But We Have You Covered

In some aspects, technology has greatly improved our lives. Even in the previous few years, we have witnessed improvements that we could never have imagined 10 years ago. However, technological developments have proven to be detrimental for process servers in certain respects.

Video home surveillance has been around for decades, but thanks to technological advancements, it can now be linked straight into a homeowner’s doorbell and sent directly to the subscriber’s phone – even if they aren’t at home. Continue reading to understand how doorbell monitoring, such as Ring Doorbell, has made it more difficult for servers to serve process. When you need process service in Los Angeles, contact AAA Attorney Services at (213) 746-8010.

Ring makes it easier to avoid a process server

It is not a simple task to serve process. Many people don’t understand why they’re being served, what a process server does, or that it’s their constitutional right to be served. Video doorbells may be troublesome for persons who do not want to accept service of process — whether they want to try to ruin the case by claiming they were not properly served or if they want to avoid the situation completely — since they provide the person who will be served a heads up.

The early notification removes the element of surprise that is often required when serving a tough defendant. Video surveillance doorbells make process service more difficult, especially on challenging serves, whether the individual decides to hide in the house and not answer the door or evades service by leaving a rear door open when the server comes.

The boundaries of proper service are being blurred

Another challenge that process servers face is that certain video doorbells allow communication between the person at the door (process server) and the video doorbell’s owner (the person to be served). How can the process server, or later attorneys in court, show that the person accepting service is indeed that person if the person verbally accepts service?

They can’t, is the answer. In addition, most state laws demand in-person service. Would it be considered service if the individual is ill and unable to come to the door but tells the server to leave the documents? Unfortunately, video doorbells expose process servers to a variety of risks when it comes to providing good service.

We can handle your process service needs

It’s unclear how video surveillance doorbells will affect the civil process service sector in the future, either legislatively or otherwise. While doorbells like Ring may have certain advantages for homeowners, they do create some particular issues for process servers. That said, when you hire an experienced company like AAA Attorney Services, this is not something you need to worry about. Call us at (213) 746-8010 to learn more.

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